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Product Name:  GPRS Engineering Alarm System
Name:   GPRS Engineering Alarm System Model: SA-1168-UPSGSM8 
Attestation: 'CCC,CE,ROHS' Type: GRPS Network Alarm Terminals 

1.Based on GPRS/GSM it takes 3 seconds at most to upload the alarm information to the CMS with less costs, which is the most convenient, stable and economical way.

2.With heartbeat transmission, time can be freely set by users. Heatbeat transmission is a communication which auto connect terminal products with CMS and ensure the whole system is in working situation.

3. 8 wired and 99 wireless zones. Wired and wireless detector are available like smoke/gas/door detectors, panic buttons etc.

4. With 485 module, it will be updated as bus system alarm host and expanded 999 zones.

5. When emergency, the alarm host will connect with CMS by GPRS, then auot dialer 6 alarm contact number.

6. CMS can freely arm or disarm all terminal prodcuts without any costs.

7. high-speed communcation device. Our central monitor station can quickly handle all alarm information in seconds without any costs and information jam like arm, disarm, self-checking etc.

8. intelligent auto-arm door sensor. When users close the door, the door sensor will auto arm without remote controllers to save users energy and costs.

9. Patrol record function. All guards will take a intelligent patrol controller to protect the terminal users and check whether the guard work or not at the fixed time and place because all information about guards will be auto uploaded to CMS like guard name, patroling place, time, ID number etc.

10. Without any costs, users can freely arm and disarm the whole system. When the alarm panel is in low power and damaged by others, the panel will emit high db voice and auto dial the preset contact number in the same time.

11. Learning code is easy to add or cancel any alarm accessories like door/smoke/gas/PIR sensors. After inputting correct password, the users can arm and disarm the whole system by SMS or dialing.

12. With high-quality GSM industrial moduel and lightningproof design, the alarm panel is super anti-shielding.

13. external wired warning board. To advertize and frighten the intruders, wired warning board is connected, in which LOGO and contact number from service providers can be showed.

14. UPS power supply. No matter wether AC power is off or not, the alarm host still can upload the alarm information to the CMS. 12V UPS supply power for the whole system and all wired accessories with lightningproof protection to resist co-channel interference and save batteries of wireless accessories.


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