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Product Name:  GSM smoke sensor alarm
Name:   GSM smoke sensor alarm Model: SA-1168-SD04 
Attestation: CCC,CE,ROHS Type: Smoke sensor 


Model: GSM smoke sensor alarm - SA-1168-SD04
1, Work in 110-240v AC
2.It will send SMS to host after detecting fire singal ,like as "pls check the fire warning in X defence area". Different defenc area different room,.for example,host can fix the smoke detector with SIM in livingroom.fix others whinout SIM in bedroom,storage,kitchen,and number them with 1,2,3,4…N,once happen fire warning,the host will get the SMS about the exact defence area number which is sent by the smoke detector with SIM
3,Support infinite number of wireless connection,IR camera,IR door sensor,IR beam detector, IR fence,remote contral etc. support setup corresponding defence area.For example,the window sensor's with NO 7 from the window of bedroom, once the burglar broke in window,smoke detector with SIM will send host "the window with NO 7 has broken in, pls handle"
4.Bulit-in 3.7v lithium battery,it can work 8 hours after power off,so smoke detector can go on to work.
5.Eevery accessorie can send warning to the smoke detector with SIM when low voltage,then
Transpond to host ,for example:'"denfence area 11 low voltage,pls change in time.it is better to use SSG-SD01 without SIM.
6,When power off,the host will get SMS "The power went out,pls check if normal" ,normally.thief cut off the wire before steal,besides,after IR detector was triggerred,at once host can get a SMS "X denfence area has warning,pls handle"
7,This item with super hidden,in any case,fire denfence area can't disarm or set up silent fire alarm.but,some of hosts want to keep the smoke detector's super hidden and personate,(normally,the thief just think it is just a smoke detector ,not a alarm system),and worry the old and kids to scare,silent alarm and audible alarm are both available.
8.Working Principle: Photoelectric detecting
Working current: static current less than 60 UA, alarm working current between 200-30 0MA
•Frequency: (wireless type) 315 or 433 MHZ; transmitting distance ≥100 meters (open area, no interference)
•Output: (wired type)dry contact,on guard,output close circuit, on alarm, output short circuit, Impedance less than 50 oumu
•Smoke sensitivity: fits UL 217, when the standard factory testing value is each feet 3.2% of weak dust, the sensor reacts.
•Work environment: -5°C-50°C, 10-90% no condensation
•Buzzer volume strength: 85DB within 10 feet
•Inside the room every 25 to 40 square meters installs a smoke detector, important equipment above 0.5-2.5 meters installs a smoke detector
•Dimensions: 127mm (diameter) * 35mm (height).
•Standard products, radio frequency (RF) technology compatibility parameters:
•Sending code IC1527 oscillation resistor=330K sending code IC2262 oscillation resistor=4.7M

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