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Product Name:  4 Channel DVR for Wired Mini Cameras with 3G Alarm System
Name:   4 Channel DVR for Wired Mini Cameras with 3G Alarm System Model: SA-DVR401A-W1-SPY-3G 
Attestation: CCC,CE,ROHS Type: alarm system + Mini camera 
  Video Part Function: The system has the features of the 4 Channel DVR: With 2.4G Surveillance System, Can use with CMOS/CCD Mini Camera, With 1 Channel audio synchronization function, the transmission distance of the wireless signal upto 100 meters. 25 frames per second for Real-time Monitoring;With VGA;4 channels for video input,1 channel for video output,1 channel for audio;Support remote monitoring, USB port and operation by mouse;Support synchronous playback of the first and forth channels; Support video recording while playback; Video stream and frame rate are adjustable; Can be monitored by mobile; Support a SATA harddisk (more than 2000G); Support remote monitoring by mobile that with the operating system of Windows Mobile, Symbian3, Symbian5, iPhone, Blackberry and Google; With video circular viewing, keyboard and RS485 (to control the PTZ)

3G Alarm Part Function: 1。 The user can view the video of the CCTV Camera on 3G Phone。 2。 Each Camera can monitor a defense zone。 When it’s monitored zone alarm, the camera will auto dail the preset phone number for a video call。 Once the call has been connected, the user can view the video of the alarm zone。 3。 Wireless Alarm System Function, Support 5 remote control and 20 wireless sensors。4。The system can work with e×ternal siren and sound pickup for two way talking。 5。 The system can record 10S voice message。

Additional 3 USD for Quad band GSM system; Additional 3 USD for wireless siren simultaneously controlled thru mobile.
Standard Units: the standard units of the 4 Channel DVR, 4 Mini Camera, 4 BNC Connector, Built-in Lithium Battery, E×ternal Siren, 1 Antenna, 1 Programming Keypad.

Terms DVR Specifications and Parameters
Video Signal PAL(625Line,50f/s), NTSC(525Line,60f/s)
Video Input 4channel, BNC , 1.0V p-p/75Ω
Composite Video Output 1 channel, BNC, 1.0V p-p/75Ω,VGA×1
Audio Input 1channel, RCA
Audio Output 1 channel, RCA;RCA×1Two Way Talking Output (Optinal)
Alarm Input 2 Channel, Trigger closed without Voltage,Open or Closed
Alarm Output 1 Channel, Trigger closed without Voltage,Open or Closed
Alarm Mode Sensor Input, Motion Detection, Video Loss or Block, Full Disk Space.
Network Ethernet (10/100M ),LAN,WAN and ADSL ADSL dynamic IP network., 3G(Optional)
Control Way Remote Control, PTZ, Camera, RS485 × 1
Backup USB, CDRW,DVDRW and Network
Display Resolution 704×576;VGA:1024×768(可选)
Compression Resolution 352×288
Compression Standard H.264
Hard Disk 1SATA Hard Disk interface (Support Capacity 2T in Total )
Electronic Clock Year/Month/Date;Hour/Minitue/Second
Password Encrypted by 128-bit Numerical Digits with 2-Level Password Protection
Power Supply DC12V3A
Comsuption 10W(Without HDD)
Environment +5°C+50°C;Humidity:< 90%
Humidity -20°C+70°C;Humidity:< 95%
Device Dimension 255×225 ×45 mm (W×D×H)
Term 3G Alarm System Parameter
Alarm Receive Model Wireless Signal output,Transmission Distance≥150Meters
Preset Phone Numbers 6 Group (Ma×imum 30 digits for each group)
E×ternal Siren ≥110dB.
Frequency 315MHz/433MHz
.Bookstore: Nowadays, the optional bookstores are very popular. It is very connivient for the customer. While as for the bookseller, they suffer heavy loss because of the stolen books. While with this Mini DVR, the user can monitor the bookstore with this products. The bookseller can choose the Mini Camera and a Monitor that with can be automatic switched timely.
.Home: The user can montior the car, motorcyble or bicycle that you put outside the house temporaryly. The user can also use it to monitor the baby.
.Supermarket Only with installation of some CMOS Mini Cameras in a suitable place and a Monitor that with can be automatic switched timely, the shop assistant can monitor the whole supermarket to know what happens.
.Elevator: The elevators are always very confined, so it will bring many difficulties. Fo r e×ample, when the power supply failed, the buliding management can not know what happened and if there is people in the evevator. If we install a Mini Camera in the elevator, we can slove all the problem.
.Video Intercom System. The video door phone system are very e×pensive, so many families cannot consume this products. While this DVR System will solve this problem. As we know the CMOS Camera has a good cost-effective, it is affordable to the customer. The customer can buy some Mini Cameras and install them at the door. If there is a visiter, the customer can view the video of the visiter on the monitor.
.Bank: We can install a Mini Camera above the bank bar to monitor the bank teller and the customer, so that the conflict and misunderstandings between the baks teller and the customer will become less.
.The Sytem can be used in prison and Criminal Investigation area snd some other places.
.In some special places, if we use camera to monitor the place, it will cause some misunderstanding and conflicts. While this Wired Monitor System are very concealed, so we can use it in the necessary places.
.We can use the wireless Mini camera in the bussiness negocation.
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